Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mommy brain - and a whoopsy story

"Mommy brain" has officially set in. CJ always used to caution me about watching where I walked when I was PG, because I used to *well, I still do*, trip on the dogs' bones, or toys. I've been known to almost stumble down the stairs, and he is freaked that I'll trip carrying Keifer (no worries, I''m extra careful). When I was newly PG ,and had morning sickness, I was known to sometimes pour orange juice over my cereal instead of the milk, or put things in the fridge that should really be put in the cupboard.
So it was a fun little giggle the other night, when I went to strip the sheets to make way for a clean pair. There, underneath the sheets we had been sleeping on for a week, were the pair from before, never taken off before the other pair was put on. I yelled downstairs to CJ, wondering if it was him that had put the sheets on over the older pair? Nope. *Blush*. It was me -- I had made the bed myself last time with no help, while CJ was at softball. It was definitely not my proudest moment, but wow, did we have a good laugh over it. Hee hee. I think this is what some people call "mommy brain". The chemically induced crazies.

Changing our little Chunky K's diapers have been an adventure, too. Not only is she continually super dramatic as she does her business, but she sometimes will take us off guard: just when we think she is done, she'll let out another low grunt and suddenly a little stream of poo will just fly on out. LOL. It is gross to imagine, but quite hilarious. CJ got caught tonight by the surprise, so not only did he barely catch the excess poo that flew out, but while he was wiping her leg off that she had kicked into the poo (because boy, oh boy, this girl is a KICKY girl), she started peeing as well. She completely soaked the blanket we have underneath her on the Pack & Play changer. Hee Hee. Such is the life in the adventures with K.


Emilie said...
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Emilie said...

(My delete ...)

Oh, that is hilarious about the sheets! I hear you don't get your full brain capacity back until six months postpartum. I'm not sure I have mine back at nine ...

And I relate to the changing woes, too. With a boy, you occasionally get to play the game of "shoot the cannon" ... all over his changing table and the surrounding floor! Ironically, it often happens in the middle of the night when mom and dad are most eager to get him changed as quickly as possible so we can get back to sleep.


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