Monday, April 09, 2007

as the induction descends upon us....

Once again, I woke up to intense (nail biting, owie-type) contractions this AM while CJ was getting ready for work. The pain of the contractions coupled with my "unmedicated" pain in my back/sciatic is enough to gasp out loud, which I did - scaring CJ. Poor guy. I had contractions about every 10-12 minutes for an hour or so, then they spread to every 15 minutes. Once I got up, took my meds, and got a lot of fluid into my system, they have slowed down. *sigh*. So now I'm having them about every half hour.
I do not know how people who have given birth drug - free DO IT? I'm having one minute intense contractions and I'm swearing lightly under my breath. And these aren't even BAD contractions. Yet.
CJ is working his last day today until around noonish, and then coming home. I've been hanging out with my mom and dad, and the furkids of course, on the couch. Papa just took the fur kids for a walk, to their delight, and CJ is coming home to nap soon. I look like the walking dead: puffy eyes, pale, tired; but I can't sleep. I'm just too jacked up, knowing I'm going to be meeting my daughter so very soon. It almost brings me to tears to really let that fact sink in.
We're supposed to go in tonight at 7:30 for my cervical ripening, so I'll continue to keep posting. Pray it goes quickly!


DMB said...

Woo hoo! You're so close! Good luck!! :)


Jen said...

Good luck tonight / tomorrow, Carrie! Hopefully all these contractions are getting things moving in the right direction and induction will be easy on you. Can't wait to hear that Keifer has made her grand entrance! :)


Kristine said...

Good luck! I hope everything goes very well and smoothly. I am very excited to "meet" her!! I know you are too! You're really almost truly a MOMMY!! YAY YAY YAY!!

Jennifer Prince said...

OMG! I just can't wait!!!

I wish you an easy induction experience like I had!

Pegs said...

Praying for you and Keifer!! Hopefully a its smooth and quick delivery!!



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