Saturday, March 31, 2007

Transforming into an Ogre

A few years ago, CJ and I hit Universal Studios in Orlando for a long weekend getaway. We met Shrek, to the amazement of our then 4 year old neice Abby ("that just can't be true" , she told her uncle on the phone when he told her we met Shrek and Donkey). I'm beginning to wonder, if that Ogre himself slipped some "ogre" genes into me when we posed, as my ankles, or should I say CANKLES, and calves now resemble something similar to his species. LOL.

This past Monday, it was uncharacteristically warm here in MN - a hot and humid 80+ degrees. I had just purchased a maternity tank top the day before (ironically, thinking I'd have a few months until I would wear it), and the only shorts that fit me? CJ's shorts. In sickness and in health, and from the smaller waistlines to the rapidly growing waistlines, we are here for each other. He found it quite hilarious that I had them on all night, and insisted on snapping quite a few pictures, and he is the one who insisted we get the back view. LOVE the cow (or ogre) I resemble at 39 weeks. Oye.

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