Monday, March 05, 2007

Tick, tock, tick, tock, I'm a little cuckoo clock

CUCKOO! CUCKOO! That's how I feel lately! Just cuckoo! My emotions have been ranging from giddiness, to excitement, to sadness, to obsessiveness about little dumb things, to bitchy, to exhausted, to overly awake. *sigh*. The last 4 weeks are upon us. CJ and I watched a DVD last night that I borrowed from a friend online - it's a Lamaze inspired early '80's birth class on video. They slipped in a live birth on us, complete with alien-looking baby, the cord, and the afterbirth. Um, ewwwwwwww. Let's just say I didn't want to watch that. Oye. It made me nervous - but surprisingly I'm not TOO nervous about all that is about to happen in the next few weeks!
We have been busy bees around this house! When things get down to the wire, my caged cougar starts barking out orders. LOL. CJ put together our swing this weekend, I cleaned the house like a madwoman (hey, I had a 3 day weekend thanks to a Snow Storm day on Friday!), we power shopped yesterday, and are making To-Do lists like there is no tomorrow.

  • TO DO: Pick up crib from our friends in the next few nights
  • Make appointment with fire station (literally 1 block away) to install infant car seat properly
  • Hang shelves in closet and on wall (from Home Depot and IKEA, respectively)
  • Mural is being painted most likely THIS WEEKEND in our "almost" finished nursery
  • Pre-registration for hospital has just been sent in mail
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Have parents bring down yet MORE bins of clothes from God-Daughter Aubrie and see if we need any more items right away
  • Pick up new toys/bones for dogs for when we get home with Keifer and present the baby to them (along with the new toys)
  • Find a lamp shade post -either wall or floor - for the adorable farm lamp shade that we need to put up
  • Line chest drawers from MIL with paper and put away the receiving blankets/burp clothes, etc.., that are lining the top of the dresser

Here are some pictures of our nursery - its getting there, slowly but surely! Its' hard to see the gorgeous yellow: Baby Bee Yellow by Behr's Disney collection (Home Depot). To the right when you walk in: the combo changer/dresser and we'll hang one shelf above this higher up with animals, knickknacks, pictures, etc..

Sassy on her new favorite perch, since we've taken the guest bed out - the rocking ottoman: mommy made it comfy for her with her chiropractic pillow (she lies in the curve) and a baby blanket (this was the first day, helping her adjust, the green blanket is no longer there, LOL) New rocker/ottoman and chest from MIL

To the left: crib will go in front, with mural of animals from bedding above it. We may put a few small shelves above the chest or in the corner on this side - and see that lambie on the chest? It was my FIL (Father-in-law's) when HE was a baby - 60+ years ago! Amazing, huh?

Tomorrow, my work place is having a shower for me - yet another blessed event in Keifer's unborn life. The joy and love and family surrounding this baby just amazes me and moves me to tears! And; CJ's work is having one next week - unbelievable. I say it over and over, but I just feel so amazed at the kindness of so many people. This is one loved, spoiled girl.

At work today, I told people I felt like Keifer has "dropped" a bit. A few other people commented on it with out me even saying anything to them. Tonight, changing out of my "work clothes", into my lived -in jammies, I noticed she seems bigger towards the bottom, right on top of my over-active bladder, which would make it seem as though she HAS dropped. She is getting big. Forty-four extra pounds big *eyebrows raised*. Again, the nice comments from people at work, and my dear hubby tonight, telling me that I don't even look PG from the back, are keeping my spirits up when I realize just HOW MUCH weight has been piled on my front side. Not that I mind - it's just shock to my system to see the scale going up like that.

I had my last and hopefully final appointment with my Gestational Diabetes doctor today. I've been doing very well with the diet and controlling my blood sugar through diet, with only a few mistakes here and there. *whew*. The doc said I don't have to come in for any more appointments unless something happens to come up in the next few weeks. I also am supposed to monitor my blood sugar 1-2 times a day for 6 weeks after Keifer is born, which won't be a problem - if anything, hopefully it will help me get my extra pounds off.


Emilie said...

Sounds like somebody's in nesting mode! ;-)

The nursery looks really great -- I like those blinds!

Piccinigirl said...

the nursury looks great and I just can't believe it's only 4 more weeks...I am so happy for you I could cry.

good luck with the list and take it easy ok?

Jamie said...

Keifer will be here before you know it! How exciting!

The nursery looks great! I love the chair and ottoman. What brand are they? Where did you find them?

Kristine said...

I remember the nesting days! I also remember all of the "to do" lists! It was outrageous - in the coming days before, I made one last one and only did 2 things that were on it. I wish you luck in getting your stuff done. Our pooor nursery still isn;t done and graycen turned 6 months old on monday!


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