Sunday, March 11, 2007

*drum roll * The Painted Nursery...and, OH, BABY!

Oh, BABY, do I feel big lately! LOL. I feel like my stomach takes up my entire abdomen, and when I sit, I can really feel Keif in my ribcage. Not an unpleasant feeling YET -but I definitely feel the stretching and tightness the past few days!
We went to the High School Hockey tournament game the other night - my brother-in-law is an Assistant Coach of the Burnsville hockey team -- and we sat next to the high school band section. Oye, did Keifer have a night! LOL. My five year old niece, Abby, got her fill of watching Keifer dance and roll and got to feel her dancing around. At one point, I think Keifer had the hiccups! LOL.
Then, Saturday afternoon, one of my friend's family friends drove up and painted our nursery. She basically looked at our (now) discontinued bedding (from Pottery Barn Kids) of the "Farmyard Friends" and went from there. We talked about ideas of where to put what animals, and then she took off and transformed Keifer's nursery into a farmyard wonderland. Her sister also came with her and helped, and they spent the night in our guest "quarters" in our basement. The painter is an art teacher, who does art on the side, and wow, she should consider doing this bedroom/nursery stuff full-time. She is amazing. Chris and I keep taking turns sitting in the nursery, just looking around in amazement. She did such an awesome job! The attention to detail was astonishing - check out Keifer's initials "carved" into the tree trunk, the doggie tag, and when leaving the room, Keifer's meaning ("cherished") is above the door. I can't wait to get the sheets and bedding on the crib, and neaten up the nursery to see it all in its final glory! WOW. WOW. WOW.

*and yes, Sassy is back in her position on her ottoman/pillow. She could barely wait to get back on that and peer out on 'her' neighborhood! LOL*


Tara said...

Very Cute!

Rae said...

wow! what a beautiful job they did!!!

Kristine said...

It looks GREAT!! I bet it's a huge relief to know it's done, huh??

Wendy & Karen said...

Beautiful nursery!

Piccinigirl said...

I love the room, the mural is gorgeous and SO ARE YOU!!!!

Laura said...

The nursery is just perfect!!


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