Thursday, February 15, 2007

More siblings!!!! Mooshie is having a .......

CJ and I got the call last night and I was able to chat with Michele/Moosh for almost an hour. There is no mistaking - she is having a baby BROTHER for 2 year old Maddie! YAY! CJ and I are over the moon, I'm just as excited for Michele as I was when we found out what Keifer was! LOL. I'm literally in tears of joy! Keifer has a 1/3 sister and 1/3 brother now! *sniff, sniff*. How wonderful is this! And I think the most magical thing to hear last night was (not only Mooshie's joy in her voice), was Maddie's little voice saying "hi" to me, and she is getting so big, and she told me "baby brudder!". *sigh*
And please keep Michele in your prayers - she is having continuous spotting and all things are FINE (her OB sounds wonderful) but how scary to keep spotting! Hugs and prayers, Mooshie! CJ and I love you so much!!! (and my parents say Congrats and are so excited, too!)


Piccinigirl said...

Oh Michelle CONGRATS, what wonderful awesome news!!! Carrie this is so exciting. I am sure your heart is just so full of love and joy. Mine too for you.

Jennifer Prince said...

Yeah for Michelle!!!! So excited!!


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