Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday musings.........

CJ and I did our hospital tour yesterday AM! It was very nerve wracking for both of us, I think. I was excited, nervous, and anxious all wrapped up in one. CJ said he got nervous when we were in the laboring room. Our hospital is currently undergoing a ton of construction, so I'll be birthing in an "older" room on one floor, and my 48 hour stay will be on another floor in a brand new room - a very NICE new room! Warm colors, great bathroom, and room for CJ to stay, too. I choked up and couldn't talk after peeking into the makeshift nursery they have. It made me realize this is real and soon, our little Keifer Lynn will be here! UGGG! It also made us start a list of what to bring to the hospital and CJ has been on me to get a bag ready! LOL. Its OK, though, we're only 10 minutes from the hospital. Of course, my favorite thing to point out to CJ is that there is a Chili's nearby, and if mommy wants some Southwest Eggrolls, its as easy as calling them for pick -up service and somebody can jet to pick them up! LOL. The things I think about when we're doing other things (*ahem, food?*)
Some Sunday musings -- from the weekend:
Hanging out after dinner, resting on Keifer (my new fave position, hands on top of her)
CJ thought he was so cute - he put Sasser on Keifer's PBK doggie chair instead of her usual pillow perch - she didn't know what to think of this (and the bed is there until we get our swivel rocker, which should be here soon (*fingers crossed*). We can't completely devastate the fur kids by taking everything they love out of that room YET!
Dinner last night with my good friends from college (Me, Louise, Michelle, & Kris) --and our hubbies --we all are ECSE teachers and have been good friends since college. We enjoyed our PF Changs (my blood sugar went over what its supposed to, oh well), and then back to Michelle's house to hang with the kids and babies and hubbies. Such a fun night-- notice I look once again like Shamu - or that I'm wearing a tent. *LOL*
Our new dresser, from! CJ spent about 3 hours or so Friday night putting it together! It looks so much better in person than online! We love it and are washing clothes RIGHT NOW to put into the drawers! The right side will be for diaper supplies... as this will be our changing table, too.

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