Sunday, October 08, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes, and more clothes!

On Friday afternoon, I had 2 packages sitting on the front steps of our house. They were both from Pottery Barn Kids: YAY! My friend Brittany in Ohio, from my wonderful message board, she works part time for PBK. She scored CJ and I our Farmyard Friends Mobile that I have lusted over, and she also found us a floor lampshade that has farm animals silhouetted on the shade. When you turn the light on, they look like shadows. Not only did BJ score us these cool items for clearance price, but this sweet friend of mine also "threw in" a matching table lamp with the same shade! AWWW! That sweet pea! I'm so excited to eventually decorate with all these items. Now, if only CJ will get going on starting to clean out our guest room - I told him I'd rather do it now than when I am big and lumbering around like an elephant.

As we were in the garage unpacking these boxes, one of the neighborhood girls came over to visit. We live in a townhouse, and the house directly behind us (we share main walls) has 3 kids -- Andreah, Avery and Alese. Alese is the same age as our niece, Abby - that is 5. She likes to chat chat chat to us all the time. So Alese was watching us open these nursery items and I told her "Alese, guess what? We are going to have a baby!". Her eyes were priceless to watch. She was so in shock and it looked like happy shock. Her eyes got huge, she smiled really big, and after a few seconds said, "maybe the baby will be one of my friends!". I said of course! I also told her the baby would be here after the snow came and then is starting to melt, and that it is due right around Easter! (Actually the due date is the Tuesday before Easter Sunday). Alese said, "well, maybe you should dress the baby up in an Easter bunny costume!". We all laughed, and then I turned to CJ and said "actually, that might be a cute baby announcement: maybe put Keifer in an egg?". Alese heard this and piped us, "Maybe you should put the baby in an Easter basket!". So who knows, maybe we'll do that! LOL

Later, CJ took the dogs out again for their after dinner disposal, and Alese came over to him and said "I know something about your wife!". CJ said, "oh yeah?". She said, "yeah, she's going to have a BABY!". LOL. Out of the mouths of babes.

Today, CJ and I trekked up to Maple Grove where my friends gathered; these were the same friends (and house) where I received my "I'm PG" phone call from my RE clinic. The boys watched the football game, and the girls went to lunch. My friend Kris recently had a gorgeous baby girl, Anna, in May, and had 3 grocery sacks full of maternity clothes for me! It was like heaven for me to dig thru all these clothes! Thanks to Kris, I hopefully will no longer need any more maternity clothes! YAY! Of course, when I got home, I wasted no time in adding them to my newly rearranged closet (along with the new pair of jeans I got on clearance at Gap and the shirt, also on sale!). I should be set, save for a special occasion or two that might be coming up. Also, I have 3 rock concerts to attend in the next 4 months. Any ideas on a cute, funky, "rock star" type shirt that I could look at? Just because I'm PG doesn't mean I don't want to look like a rock mama! LOL

I added the 14 1/2 week fully clothed Keifer belly pic, and look at the stack of new clothes for me to wear thru the winter now!

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Piccinigirl said...

I love when kids have cute little commnents, so glad everyone is excited.
You look amazing, girlie!!! Congrats on all the PB gifts and clothes. Looks like you're all set.

BTW , the Easter basket idea sounds great.



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