Monday, September 18, 2006

Thanks for the hair, Keifer

I got my hair cut today, and had a few pleasant surprises.
First, when I arrived, Betsy, my stylist (Hi, Betsy! *waving* -- she checks in on me), had a gift on the chair for me to open. She had an adorable card and a beautiful picture frame : a cream frame that says "A Mother is Love" across the top and down the right side. It is so pretty. I was so touched. We are so blessed to have so many generous and loving people in our lives! I can't wait to put a picture of Keifer and I in the frame and put it in the nursery (along with pictures of mommy and daddy when WE were kids, and also the fur siblings, of course!).

Then, after my hair got all trimmed up and some shape back, Betsy told me she noticed my hair seemed a lot thicker today. Yes, folks, she found little spots of growth, where my hair is going crazy and growing in all thick. Oh My. I've always had baby fine hair and am the QUEEN Bee of products, and damaging my hair (aka coloring and body perming to achieve some level of body). I was so pumped!

So thanks, Keifer, for the great new hair, and the great new boobies *(wink)*. LOL.


Michele said...


Well, if it makes you feel better--Chris and I both seem to have tons of hair so Keifer should have a thick head of it!

I want to see a picture! I bet you're looking FLY! LOL Whoot whoot!

Piccinigirl said...

Umm, where (Oh Queen of the picture taking) is the pic of your new haircut?

congrats on your hair and boobies (wink)


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