Wednesday, July 26, 2006

11 days post 3 day embryo transfer

Well, here is the test from today, 11 days post 3 day embryo transfer. There is a line. CJ saw it, too. WOW. I just may have a baby or 2 or 3 in there. This is honestly surreal. I'm feeling sick to my stomach (pukey) but I'm assuming at 11 dpo, you wouldn't be starting to have morning I'm guessing the nerves and stress and excitement of all this has me in a tizzy. I can't keep myself off line today. LOL. I keep emailing friends, looking up IVF stats online, and chatting on my message boards. I'm tired, becauase after I got up at 4 AM to pee on this, I couldnt' get back to sleep from excitement. Ahhh. The joy of Peeing on a stick and not seeing blank white.


AussieElle said...

its 4am.... I can't sleep.... but this is such a beautiful picture.

I'm over the moon for you!!

Piccinigirl said...

you can sleep next week when the exhaustion kicks in....
for now, I wouldn't stop looking at those tests either.

I am SO HAPPY for you.

joemama said...

I wouldn't be suprised if there is more than one, but I have been thinking twins for a long time.

Courtney said...

Carrie I am so very happy for your and CJ:)


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