Thursday, October 02, 2008

Transfer Day: September 30: A story in pictures

Transfer day: a story in pictures.
Filling my bladder pre-transfer with the 10 billion gallons of water. Hee hee.
CJ likes to get snap happy with the camera. Here I am, waiting for the embryologist to come in with our report.
Pre-transfer, getting ready with my embies and my Zen/sound healing music playing to relax me
Here they are! Our beautiful soup embies!
The pup pups make excellent bed rest companions!
Oh, how I love my fur kids!
Keifer joined mama for awhile last night while on bed/couch rest.


Jamie said...

You look great and your embies look even better! I have a feeling there may be twins joining your soupbowl!! :)

kristine said...

Oh, I just can't wait!!! I bet you can't either. YOu have such a happy/excited grin, I love it!

Jeni said...

So great! You have been in my thoughts a lot, plenty of good vibes coming your way:)

A said...

I'm sending all of my positive vibes your way! The blasts look *great!* When can you test and when is your beta?

btw, did you hear about the Rattie puppy mill bust in NC? 130 available. Ugh.

Nickki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DMB said...

I love this! :) Thanks for sharing!


Kir said...

I'm so sorry I missed ET day...but you look good and I am crossing my fingers for some very very sticky, beautiful soup babies.


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