Friday, June 06, 2008

Sore bum bum

Our poor girl has had the diaper rash of all diaper rashes this week. It was bad enough on Sunday night, that she screamed when we put her in the bathtub, and the past few nights, we've let her crawl around the living room naked as a jaybird, to air out her poor bum bum. It's getting better, with all the remedies we're doing, and she really seems to enjoy being naked around the house. In all honesty, she's even MORE of a ham with her bum hanging out! LOL.

"What you talkin' about, mama?"
Tboy sees naked bum and gets crazy (don't worry, we kept his nose away)
Being naked only adds to our girl enthusiasm in being her "dance machine" self!

1 comment:

kristine said...

That's so cute! Graycen enjoys being naked too. Well, mostly just sans diaper but even better if naked. Their little butts are so cute! Hope the diaper rash goes away soon.


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