Monday, April 28, 2008

Counting Calories

Has anyone heard anything about Hungry I just read about this site and author in the latest People magazine, and it has be intrigued. Ironically, I also just started keeping track of all my calories on and was blown away by the calories I've been taking it, when I seem to THINK I'm being healthy. Interesting. I have a goal to lost 15 pounds before I get PG again, and I've been dedicated to the gym lately, so let's just hope it continues!


Jamie said...

Yes, I've subscribed to HungryGirl's daily emails for about two years. I think they are all archived on her site. She provides a ton of good tips and food finds that I really enjoy. Some of the items are hard to find, which is annoying but it is really interesting!

kristine said...

I haven't heard of HungryGirl but my mother-in-law and niece have both started using SparkPeople and they both love it. My niece has been using it for awhile and says it's great and works! Good luck!


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